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Central African RepublicCentral African Republic

About Central African Republic

Central African Republic is located in Central Africa and is bordered by Chad, Sudan, Cameroon the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo. Central African Republic is known for its over 80 ethnic groups, history of coups and military revolts. High season runs from June till September.

Where To Go

Central African Republic’s most popular cities to visit are: Bangui, Bimbo, Berbérati, Carnot, Bambari, Bouar, Bossangoa, Bria, Bangassou, Nola, Mongoumba, Bria, Damara, Kabo, Ouadda, Paoua, Sibut and Zinga.

Things To Do

The most popular things to do in Cape Verde are: visit the extraordinary Kembe Falls on the River Kotto, the Boali Waterfalls near the charming village of Boali, Indigenous forest tribes, traditional wooden houses in the town of Zinga and discover the capital city Bangui.


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