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About Mauritania

Mauritania is located in West Africa on the Atlantic Ocean and bordered by Algeria, Mali and Senegal. Mauritania is named after the ancient Berber Kingdom of Mauritania, which later became a province of the Roman Empire. Mauritania is known for its wild coast and local handicrafts. High season runs from November till March.

Where To Go

Mauritania’s most popular cities to visit are: Nouakchott, Azoughui, Nouadhibou, Rosso, Oualata, Adel Bagrou, Kiffa, Zouérat, Kaédi, Boutilimit, Atar, Ghabou, Gouraye, Guerou, Sélibaby, Sangrave, Néma, Tidjikdja, Oualata and Ayoûn el-Atroûs.

Things To Do

The most popular things to do in Mauritania are: visit Parc National du Banc d'Arguin one of the world's largest bird sanctuaries, the greatest caravan entrepôts of the Sahar called Oualata, capital city of Nouakchott, the remains of Azoughui and the nomads with flat-roofed houses in Atâr.


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