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New CaledoniaNew Caledonia

About New Caledonia

New Caledonia includes the main island of Grande Terre, the Loyalty Islands, the Belep archipelago, the Isle of Pines, the Chesterfield Islands and a few remote islets. New Caledonia is known for its coastal plains, many bird species as the Cagou and its great surf potential. High season runs from June till September.

Where To Go

New Caledonia’s most popular places to visit are: Nouméa, Mont-Dore, Dumbéa, Païta, Wé, Tadine, Poindimié, Bourail, Koné and Houaïlou.

Things To Do

The most popular things to do in New Caledonia are: visit the many white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons and the rainforest on the Isle of Pins, go whale watching, wreck diving around the Amédée Lighthouse Reserve and go surfing in the Bay of Anse Vata and Côte Blanche and make a boat excursion in Melanesian.


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