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About Vanuatu

Vanuatu is an island nation of volcanic origin located between Australia and Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu is known for its tropical landscape, the world's most accessible volcanoes and turquoise blue ocean. High season runs from May till September.

Where To Go

Vanuatu’s most popular places to visit are: Port Vila, Rovo Bay, Sola, Sulphur Bay, Whitesands, Bunlap, Forari, Ipikil, Ipota, Isangel, Lakatoro, Lamap, Loltong, Longana, Lorevilko, Luganville, Lénakel and Port Olry.

Things To Do

The most popular things to do in Vanuatu are: visit the Mele Cascades Waterfall near Port Vila, the Secret Garden at Mele, Ekasup Cultural Village and Yasur volcano on Tanna Island, take a snorkel safari and go scuba-diving near Hideaway Island in Mele Bay and discover the capital Port-Vila and Espiritu Santo Island.


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