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About Yemen

Yemen is located in Western Asia and is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Oman, the Red Sea and Arabian Sea. Yemen is known for its striking scenery, magnificent pre-Islamic and Islamic architecture and ancient archeological sites. High season runs from October till April.

Where To Go

Yemen’s most popular cities to visit are: Abyan, Sanaa, Sayhut, Say'un, Shibam, Ta'izz, Zabid, Mocha, Al Mukalla, Nishtun, Sa'dah, As Salif, Aden, Al Ghaydah, Habarut and Al Hudaydah.

Things To Do

The most popular things to do in Yemen are: visit the Al-Qahera Castle in Ta'izz, town of Alqadeemah, Zabid and the Tihama Coastal Plains, Shibam in the Haraz Mountains, Dar al-Hajjar Palace, Hababah and Thula, which is a town built at the Al-Ghurab Mountain, where you can see some magnificent traditional architecture.


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