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About Us

about mytravelshot.com

MyTravelshot.com is a travel media sharing platform created to inspire new travelers by travel pictures, videos and real travel experiences shared by our users.

"An image will tell you more about a travel destination, than a thousand words can."

Based on this principle MyTravelshot.com was founded in 2012 and is growing to be the platform where users can share their travel media and experiences.

On MyTravelshot.com everyone can register and create their own travel albums, upload pictures & videos and share experiences. These travel pictures, videos and experiences are used on MyTravelshot.com to inform and inspire new travelers about destinations they want to visit.

How does it work? First register yourself, confirm your registration and then you are ready to start creating your own albums filled with travel pictures, videos and travel stories.

Your can use MyTravelshot.com for holidays, city trips or just beautiful photo's you want to share. Try it!